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How we developed the app for Grenke Bank

We have completed many projects at Ackee, but developing an app for a bank was a first. It was both a challenge and a great experience. Here we ask our project manager Ladislav Moravec how working with the banking sector differed from our other projects, what we had to focus on to succeed, and how it eventually all unravelled:

Ladislav, how did we get to cooperate with the German bank Grenke?

One of our long-term partners in Germany asked us whether we would like to work on this project. He had enough work experience with us and believed that we were competent enough to handle it.

It began with an analysis and proof of a concept application. On the basis of that, Grenke decided to pursue the implementation of their entire application with us.

You have experience especially with projects for startups, so what was it like making the banking application?

It was a bit of a change since there wasn’t one person who had the leading word, but instead many people who had a lot to say about each decision. Nonetheless, all project management rules had to be respected.

Dates, estimates, and presentation preparations had to always be accurate. It was also clear from the beginning that we would have to pay special attention to safety and testing.

How does the testing work?

In the first stage, test scenarios were prepared (more than 350), and of course they were constantly expanding. Afterward, our team of testers checked the application’s functionality and security risks - implementing tests through (simulated) attacks on the system using different methods (e. g. man in the middle).

Did something have to be solved during the development with which our team had no experience?

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that, but for security, namely databases and encryption had to be focused on a lot. Our proposed solutions were discussed with an external consultant who focused on security applications in the banking sector. After confirming the accuracy of the proposal, we commenced development.

With the application already completed, what would you pinpoint as being its main advantage(s)?

Definitely simplicity. The user creates a barcode for cash withdrawal or cash deposit with two clicks. The application contains no needless extra features and that’s the way it should stay.

About the Grenke Cash app

The application allows Grenke's clients to withdraw or deposit cash without having to look for an ATM. They simply generate the code for the amount of money in the app, find the nearest partner shop on the map (e. g. the drugstore dm), and undergo the transaction process at the location. If you want to know more about the project, read our case study online.

Eliška Vokálová
Eliška Vokálová
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